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About Helsingør Gymnasium



Definition of a Danish “Gymnasium”

The Danish “Gymnasium” is part of the upper secondary level of the Danish educational system. Most of our students are between 16 and 19 years old. We teach the range of subjects covered by a Danish “gymnasium” – in accordance with national legislation. Education at the “gymnasium” level is based on 9 or 10 years of primary education, and one important goal for this type of school is to prepare our students for higher education at university level. We thus cater for the academically minded students.

The Danish “gymnasium” offers four main areas of study: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and languages, (ancient and/or modern).  Although Helsingør Gymnasium is a medium-sized school, we offer a broad range of optional subjects such as Astronomy, Arts, Business Economics, Music, Drama, Greek, Latin, Philosophy, Psychology, Sports, Innovation, and many others.


Helsingør Gymnasium is situated in Helsingør (Elsinore), Denmark, and the catchment area is first and foremost the town of Helsingør, but it also stretches a few miles southward along the coast as well as inland.  Helsingør is merely 40 kilometres north of Copenhagen, just opposite the major Swedish town of Helsingborg, across the Sound.

What Makes Helsingør Gymnasium Special

We offer especially designed introductory classes for new students, field trips abroad and extra-curricular activities such as sports and music, weekly morning assemblies, sports events, etc. – and the annual school prom. Every year the music teachers arrange a song contest, there are a number of bands, and music plays an important part in the school’s everyday life.

We have frequent contact with various European schools through EU-projects and a number of international face-to-face exchanges with schools in Israel, Germany, France, Spain and the USA.

Tolerance, competence and diversity are hallmarks of our school. There is no dress code here, and the aim is to make everyone feel welcome.

International Exchanges

  • Beer Tuvia Gymnasium, (southern) Israel – since 1994
  • Hollenberg Gymnasium, Waldbröl (between Köln and Bonn) – since 1996
  • Great Valley High School, Pennsylvania, USA – since 1997
  • 3. Elyceum of Kifissia, Athens, Greece since 2000
  • Ernestinenschule, Lübeck – since 2006
  • Olympiaskolen Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Lycée Montaigne, Paris
  • Barnim Gymnasium, Berlin
  • Don Benito, Extremadura, Spain
  • Vilfredo Federico Pareto, Milan
  • IES Botikazar BHI, Bilbao, Spain